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Whatever Works: Why Bipolar People Are the Best Authorities on the Best Treatments

Given that I have so many opinions about bipolar disorder (hey, I started a blog about it), I have surprisingly few opinions about what sort of treatments are best. Often, I’ve encountered the belief that everyone on bipolar disorder should be on a certain type of medication, or that everyone should be in a certain type of therapy. These debates can often become quite heated. However, in all of these debates, I realized I don’t really have any strong views. Continue reading

Is Bipolar Disorder Real? Version Two: Is There a Test for Bipolar Disorder?

For the first installment in this series, on whether or not bipolar disorder is a brain state, click here.

I’m going to continue with my occasional feature about what is meant when people ask whether or not bipolar disorder is real. The first article asked whether or not bipolar disorder is a brain state, but this one will focus on whether or not there is a test for bipolar disorder. The two questions are to some extent connected, as they rest on a confusion between what is real and what is scientific. Continue reading

Bipolar 1 vs. Bipolar 2: Recognizing the Differences

Please do not use the following article for self-diagnosis or the diagnosis of others. We cannot diagnose ourselves. It is intended instead for information and to provide useful subject matter to discuss with a psychiatrist or therapist.

One of the most common questions I face in my bipolar Meetup group is the difference between bipolar 1 disorder and bipolar 2 disorder. I have written up list of all bipolar symptoms, but I thought I’d write a post that deals with the specific symptoms that differentiate bipolar 1 and bipolar 2, so that there can be a handy resource available for understanding the specific differences. Continue reading

Is Bipolar Disorder Real? Version One: Is Bipolar Disorder a Brain State?

I’ve increasingly lately met a number of people who doubt the very existence of bipolar disorder. As someone who thinks he has bipolar disorder, figuring out whether or not they are right is of no small importance. After all, if I don’t have bipolar disorder, then I’m really wasting a lot of my time (for one thing, I’d have to retitle my blog “The Tooth Fairy Today”). Continue reading

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